99942 Tee

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Oversized Printed & Embroidery T-shirt

▷ Color: Black

▷ Fit: Oversized

▷ Print: Front high quality screen printing & high definition embroidery

▷ Material: 100% Cotton

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Already since the Iron Age, when somebody spoke of Egypt, the land of Pyramids, it was as if they spoke of a land of mystery. On our last journey to Naga Al Taref we discovered some hieroglyphics which, after many hours of research and study, revealed to us that the ancient Egyptians possessed advanced technology, rendering its interpretation difficult to humankind.

Our interest then revolved around a wall in the Egyptian temple in Abydos, which is decorated with strange hieroglyphics. They seem to depict asteroid 99942, now known to us as Apophis. The strangest part though lies not in the depiction of 99942, but in the sketches of a mechanism aiming to pull it towards the Earth.

Initially, it seemed funny to us that such a mechanism could work. Until NASA confirmed in 2004 that this asteroid is heading towards the Earth…

menacing visitor from afar awaits the Earth in two decades. According to the latest findings of  NASA, a huge asteroid  measuring almost 350 meters is expected to pass very close to our planet by 2029. The asteroid bears the designation number 99942, while scientists have named it Apophis (the Greek name for the ancient Egyptian deity which embodied chaos, trying to sink the world into the darkness).\”


Could its name be coincidental, then? Apophis…

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100% Cotton

99942 Tee

99942 Tee