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Date: 2029, January 10
A few months before the asteroid strike

In 2019, after the discovery of the asteroid and NASA’s own admission, many started searching for ways to save the planet. All governments paid close attention to this fact, investing huge amounts in every suggested solution for the salvation of humanity.

Having conducted our own research, we came to the conclusion that all such action was futile and the only way to salvation was to find the mechanism that was constructed by ancient Egyptians. For many years we were looking for it, but did not manage to find it and thus we presumed it to have been destroyed.

Consequently, we moved towards constructing a machine that would take us back to the only time when the location of the asteroid mechanism was known. We achieved this indeed by 2029, only a few months before the meteorite would struck Earth. Of course we were not absolutely sure how this would work, as it was the first time we would activate our time machine.

Our courageous Havoc team entered the time machine, ready to destroy the mechanism. Getting back to Abydos of ancient Egypt in 2985 BC, our time travel went exactly as we expected and we found ourselves inside the temple where the mechanism was situated. Being scientists, we decided that before destroying it, we should study it. In order to avoid contact with people of the past, we destroyed the temple’s gate and threw ourselves into work. Upon intense study, we realized that this mechanism was not what we believed it to be. It was constructed by ancient Egyptians in order to prevent the asteroid from hitting Earth.

Having seen how the mechanism worked, we obtained the know-how and decided to construct an equivalent machine in the present. Consequently, we came back to 2029 in order to accomplish this. However, upon returning to our era, we found out that everything had changed. Our daily life, peoples’ habits, the streets, jobs, products, human relationships, everything. The meteorite hazard did not exist anymore… It was as if nobody knew about this asteroid that we were speaking of. Even NASA had not announced the Earth’s destruction. What could have happened?

The temple at Abydos was neglected as years went by, presumed to be destroyed and left buried under the desert. Our mechanism was also buried along with the temple and no human was ever able to find it. This way, it kept functioning normally through the centuries, protecting the Earth from the asteroid. Returning back to the present, we found everything had changed. Our intervention to the chronological order of things acted as the catalyst. This is the so-called butterfly effect.

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